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 i wanna play gamecube, but mios won't work heelllllp

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PostSubject: i wanna play gamecube, but mios won't work heelllllp   Fri Oct 02, 2009 12:27 am

Ok, before I found wiikend hacks I was using wiigator to load backups and it was working fine enough, but after learning about neogamma and how it works with 100% of gamecube games (which wiigator doesn't) I decided to switch. Problem is the mios patch won't work. should I try just installing everything from step one? Will there be any problems if I install anything that's already there from wiigator? Forgive me if I sound stupid in asking this stuff, but I really wanna play Cel Damage.
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i wanna play gamecube, but mios won't work heelllllp
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