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 Afraid of the answer but here it goes...

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PostSubject: Afraid of the answer but here it goes...   Thu Dec 24, 2009 1:20 pm

Hello. I'm new to the Wii scene (just got myself one for Xmas) and after days of researching different mod sites, Tube vids, forums and even paying for a membership to (suposedly) the best wii download site and finding out everything they gave me I could get for free (don't worry, I got a refund), I decided to softmod my Wii with all the tools on this site. I'm posting this hoping someone out there has an (any) answer:

I've got a 4.1E, non LU64, wireless networked Wii. I got to install the HBC and everything went sweet. When I tried to install the WAD Manager, I got the -2011 Error. I went ahead and (terrified) installed the Trucha thing. It seemed to work fine. Then I installed the Wad Manager and I could gather that it installed OK. Here comes the clincher, when trying to install the backup launcher, my Wii froze up on the Wad manager page. The only thing I could do was to unplug it. I kept trying and it kept doing the same. One thing I noticed was that. initially, when I started the whole process, my Wii didn't have the IOS249 as an option (only the IOS257 which I think is the right one for 4.1). After the trucha load, the IOS249 would appear and whenever I hit it by scrolling or going to it that's when the freeze-up would happen. Scared to have bricked my new Wii, I went ahead and deleted the HBC. Apparently, my Wii is not bricked because the menu comes up and I can still play the few original games I have. However, if I try the whole process again, when I go to DATA MGNT > Wii CHANNELS > DS CARD, the screen goes black and nothing happens. I've tried it with my SD card loaded with different HBC packages and it's always the same. Is this a lost cause? Have I done something that has no fix? Thanks for your help and I apologize for this long post. Have a great Xmas and thanks again for anything you might throw my way.
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PostSubject: Re: Afraid of the answer but here it goes...   Sun Dec 27, 2009 4:46 pm

I have no clue why your back up launcher froze, you did everything right, so you are on the right track. I would recommend that you install the latest and best neogamma on the site which is r7 here is the direct link.
I keep saying this and will tell you do after you successfully install homebrew install a preloader.
Protect yourself and have fun.
Keep us updated
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Afraid of the answer but here it goes...
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