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 HDD Issue?

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PostSubject: HDD Issue?   Mon Feb 22, 2010 5:53 pm

I have a softmod wii and a hp 160 hdd that works perfect. Got a friends Wii and he bought a 1tb WD my book HDD and I loaded his up the same way but when I go to USB Loader GX on his the games are there and cover art but when I click to play it just hangs there with black screen. I have to get up and power down the wii. It is an issue with his HDD because my HDD works with his Wii. His HDD doesn't work with my Wii. Read a bunch some about sleep mode of HDD? I tired plugging it in after starting USB Loader GX so i know it s not sleeping. Not the partition size either. I used EZ parttion and made three different ones and the one for games is only 195 gigs - used WBFS to do that. Any help to get these games rolling would be great, thanks.
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HDD Issue?
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