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 downloading wii games without "modding"?

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downloading wii games without "modding"? Empty
PostSubject: downloading wii games without "modding"?   downloading wii games without "modding"? EmptyFri Jun 04, 2010 7:14 pm

hey folks, im new here. im also new to "hacking" the wii Smile i have homebrew installed and have been using gecko to mess around in *offline* mode in call of duty reflex.

anyway, i was hoping someone could explain and help me understand a few things... i've heard about people downloading wii games. im really interested in trying that out! i only have access to my macintosh computer though, and the info out there for macs seems pretty limited. the few videos i have seen on youtube talk about "modding" the wii? i have no idea what that means! please forgive my noobyness!

is modding your wii risky?

i was hoping to check out monster hunter 3. but i'd also totally love to have any of the old mario games from the NES, especially mario bros. 3!

well, thanks guys, any info would be very much appreciated. happy gaming!
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downloading wii games without "modding"? Empty
PostSubject: Re: downloading wii games without "modding"?   downloading wii games without "modding"? EmptyThu Jun 10, 2010 6:10 pm

there's two versions of modding hardmodding- which is with a modchip or softmodding which you do by yourself and they are both relatively safe as long as you do them right.

if you wanna learn how to download wii games for mac watch this tutorial.
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downloading wii games without "modding"?
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